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Forgetfulness and Thunder: A Mixed-Media Installation by David LeMay"

2002-05-10 until 2002-05-25
24 HR Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art
Darwin, NT, AU

Nostalgia is a lost soul

David LeMay�s mesmerising installation explores the conjunction of memory, family and landscape. This new body of work grew out of the culture shock and heightened sense of cultural awareness undergone by the artist since moving to the Territory. The exhibition is an immersive experience featuring low-tech projections using overhead transparencies, wall mounted transparencies and other layered images.

The works in Forgetfulness and Thunder represent a meld of past and present �where one image merges with the other creating a multi faceted, ambiguous whole. Incorporating the experience of landscape as the substructure for the development of ideas the artist explores nostalgia as well as referencing Paul Carter�s notions of a migrant aesthetic .

The artists states: �While living in the Territory certain images from the past, from before I was born and not long after, have become increasingly significant to me. The reasons for this are varied but what is of interest here is how they have filtered their way into my work that was ostensibly concerned with landscape. As figurative elements they internalise the reading of the landscape while simultaneously the landscape externalises their intimacy, projecting it, as it were, to the sublime limits of the horizon. It is in this indeterminable space that the exhibition, Forgetfulness and Thunder dwells.

The Reading Room

The Reading Room, Stanthorpe Regional art Gallery. 2004

Nostalgia is a lost soul


Looking for Aquila

Video Performance by David LeMay and Cecilia Van Heuman 2007

Looking for Aquilla is a performance piece resulting from a collaboration between Myself David LeMay,Cecilia Van Heumen and The Dirt Band.

Much of the imagery was filmed while on tour and documenting The Dirt Band.

The theme itself, 'Looking for Aquila', was a existing project of mine. Choreography, projection, lighting and images were devolped in conjunction with the Little Theatre project 2007.

Inside the Jewellery Box 2013

Performance by Kirsty Lee
Video projection and installation by David Le May

Inside the Jewellery Box was a video performance don in collaboration with Kristy Lee during my residency at the Grid Art Space 2013.

It was one of the works featured In my exhibition resulting from that residency called 'Between the Rabbit and the Hat.


University of Southern Queensland (USQ) drama students
Workshop coordinator, Projection and Installation by David Le May