David LeMay

Pound of Flesh

Displacement, rupture and fragmentation are themes that have run through my work for some time.  Jondaryan is a small town west of Toowoomba and is also the location, where coal is loaded on to trains from the New Hope coal mine at Acland. The landscape along the Warrego Highway to Jondaryan and Acland is complicated. There is a vast array of industries transforming the landscape form coal mining, solar farms and the Toowoomba By Pass to name a few. The landscape at times seems sublime, caught between an ancient past and an uncertain future. The water ways are poor and seem like a dying relic of a more fertile times. The landscape itself has been carved and remolded to accommodate a different stream.


Pound of Flesh, Oil on Stretched Parchment, 60 x 60cm

'The Bare Bones' David Le May 2018

'Silent Abandon/Acland David Le May 2018

'Excavation' David Le May 2018

'Toowoomba By Pass/Road To Jondaryan" David Le May 2018